How I See It: Tire Storage - In 5 Easy Steps

Posted by Ralph Thorne on 10/20/2016 to How I See It

How I See It: Tire Storage - In 5 Easy Steps

One thing racer's often fight is the battle to prolong the life of their tires when they aren't racing or using them. With the rising cost of tires this becomes ever more important. Whether you race frequently or not, these simple steps will help you be more informed so you can win the battle.

Here are 5 easy tips for storing your tires:

  • Don't store a car with weight on its tires for extended periods of time. Long-term inactivity can be harmful as the rubber will "flat spot" partially and dry out. Once the tires are removed you can use "box wheels" or even old gears to keep your rear end and spacers in place
  • Do not clean your tires before storing them. Cleaning them eliminates all of the rubbers natural oils that it needs and causes them to dry out faster.
  • Keep the tires out of direct sunlight whenever possible. The sun's ultraviolet rays and radiant heat are detrimental to rubber. When your done racing place the tires back in the tire tube.
  • Since heat and exposure to the elements are the important factors that influence a tire's aging process, place the tires in a cool, dry location as mentioned above. You can put them in a dark colored tire bag or even your freezer if the wife allows.
  • Keep the tires away from sources of ozone. This includes electric motors that use contact brushes! Yes, slot car motors generate ozone, and no I dont work for the EPA. Keep your tires away from other common household items such as the furnace, sump pump, etc.

While tires will always naturally age somewhat regardless of what precautions are taken, these procedures will help slow the process compared to taking no precautions at all.

Good luck and happy racing,
Ralph Thorne